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Arts Week

Arts Week 2019- Art through our senses

We recently had our Arts week which was a real success. The week was kicked off with a visit from The Bournemouth Blind Society. Philip talked to the children about what his job and how his charity supports blind people in the community. They bought some fantastic tactile art that had either been made by people who are blind and enjoy or for them. Jean shared her experiences about being blind and how this helps her to experience art through touch and sound. She was a real inspiration and told us about how she helps sail tall ships, does archery lessons and  even skydiving through the charity. Amazing!
We were also lucky enough to have Mike Ness and Fraser Freeze visit later in the week and talk about how they use their senses to be creative.
Mike is a graphic designer and Street  Artist and currently runs our Key Stage 2 art club. Fraser used to be a student at Heatherlands and now produces music for shows such as Britains Got Talent, Little Big Shots and has even worked with the dance group Diversity.
He shared his passion for music and how he uses this to explore his senses and feelings. He even played the piano for us it was a very exciting assembly.
It goes to show with aspiration and motivation and is possible.


Have a look at what each year group got up during our Arts week.

The school was a buzz with creativity all week. The children and staff worked really hard all week to make this a memorable and enriching experience for all the children.
Thank you to all the parents who were able come and celebrate the children’s achievements on Thursday 24th October it was lovely to see so many parents come into school at the end of a very busy half term.




During Arts week Yr5 looked at a famous artist called Michelle Reader. She likes to build sculptures, including animals.

Using her work as inspiration, we created our own 3D animals from recycled materials.

''I liked art week because we got to have fun and make things we never had before with rubbish.''


''I turned an old milk bottle inside out to make a bird. Then I covered it with feathers using old paper.''





In Yr3 we created tactile self portraits in a pop art style. The children studied self portraits and created their own, before cutting them up and placing their features on four different coloured backgrounds. They then used a range of different media and techniques to create the other features on their face and produce a wonderful final piece.




In Early Years we were learning about Guy Fawkes so decided to make a class firework piece. We all had a go at flicking glue, sprinkling powder paint and adding glitter to make the fireworks sparkle. During the week we also made firework pictures using paint and toilet rolls! We discovered that colouring in a cutting cupcake cases also creates a good firework. On the computers, we used a special program and learnt how to make the paint brush bigger and smaller to create a firework display.




During Arts week, Year 6 took inspiration from their geography topic – Fantastic Jurassic – to create 3d textured art work. The pupils created a fossilised scene using different layers of materials. They then chose the most effective media to add detail to their scene; many children used chalk and oil pastels. Overall, some interesting pieces of art were created!




During Arts week in Yr1 we explored our senses and creating art through nature.

We went on walk on the nature trail collecting different autumn treasures, looking at colours and exploring textures with bark rubbings. We used our Autumn leaves to print some lovely leaf mandalas using autumnal colours. We created some lovely mixed media autumnal art work by creating our background and treat with paint and adding texture using tissue paper. We created our own tactile clay tiles using a range of clay tools, techniques and autumn treasures to imprint and create textures. We were very proud of our work.




In Year 2 for Arts Week we focused on textiles and weaving. We learnt about the history of weaving and how important it is in creating lots of different materials, especially for clothes! We used weaving in lots of different ways - paper weaving, outdoor large-scale weaving, God's eye weaving and weaving on a card loom. We had a fantastic time honing our 'over and under' skills, with some excellent results!