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Today, (Monday 14th December) Key Stage 2 had an assembly led by Google on online safety. The assembly all taught us how to be 'Internet Legends' and how to have a successful and safe time when on the internet. They talked us through Google's online safety game called Interland. This link will take children to the game to develop their skills of being sharp, alert, secure, kind and brave when being online.


This link is for parents and details all about the game as well as ideas to support parents with online safety decision at home.

Childline Website for Under 12s


Childline has launched a website aimed at children under the age of 12. This provides age appropriate content on topics including: bullying, family, friends, feelings, school, abuse and staying safe. It also includes games and therapeutic tools for young visitors to play and express how they are feeling. It will be promoted through the NSPCC's Speak out Stay safe programme.

Online safety

It can be hard to know how to talk to your child about online safety. From setting up parental controls to advice on sexting, online games and video apps, we can help you to understand the risks and keep your child safe.


Use this website to help you deal with any of these issues.

We know that a lot of children enjoy playing Roblox and there is always a concern over young children playing games online. The article below is information and support for parents who wish to setting up parental controls and encouraging healthy online play.
As a lot of the children will have been spending more time online, you might have been having more conversations about online safety. The link below is a useful tool as it is designed especially for parents to deliver online safety messages at home. The best way you can protect your child is to establish a positive relationship with them around their life online. Talk to them – not just once but have ongoing conversations as part of your family life.

Safer Internet Day

This year's Safer Internet Day theme 'This Is Me!' In Year 2 we talked about what makes us different and unique. We drew pictures of all the things that make us 'us' and we then discussed how and what we would share online. The children then colour coded their pictures. The green spots show what they would share online - likes and dislikes etc. The red spots are what they wouldn't share online - address, family, personal details.

Heatherlands 360 degree E safety certificate 2018

Vodafone Digital Parenting

ESafety Story

Online safety education resources