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Cultural Capital

As a school we decided upon the 5 values which we believe our children can draw upon to give them an advantage in social life. 

The forms of high culture are located in visual art, classical music, theatre, poetry and classical literature, and refinement in these areas. We aim to ensure our children experience a range of high culture activities alongside the delivery of the national curriculum and the values and drivers that underpin our curriculum. 


In art - we study a range of artists, including Andy Warhol, Banksy, Mondrian, William Morris, Charles Mackintosh and John House. Studying these artists aids the development of our cultural capital, enabling the children to learn new skills and apply these in the art form while also learning more about this cultural form.


In music - we develop cultural capital through opportunities to listen, appreciate and discuss classical, modern and  popular music. As a school, we have a set programme of music extracts for assemblies, where we also share the biographies and discuss the composers before the assembly begins. These pieces are then also used throughout the week, in class as a stimulus and support for writing.

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