Heatherlands Primary School

Enjoying Learning Together

Key information for September 2020

General information for returning to school in September 2020.

 All children must wear school uniform. This needs to be washed or changed regularly
 Children will need a named water bottle that must be washed daily
 Children in receipt of free school meals will be provided with a packed lunch from Chartwells. If your child needs a packed lunch from home, please provide this

Key information for returning to school in September 2020.

 Some year groups to have a staggered entry/exit time – older children will enter first in year group lines
 Each key stage will enter school at a different gate
 Members of the senior leadership team will man the gates and teachers will collect/drop off at the gates
 Siblings will enter together through the gate of the older/est child – a TA will collect younger children from the lower playground and take them to their class
 Children attending ‘Sunbeams/Buddies’ before or after school will be collected or escorted from/to playgrounds by Sunbeams/Heatherlands staff
 Parents are not allowed on site unless prior arrangements are made
 Each year group will have staggered lunches/playtimes
 Lunches provided will remain as packed lunches at this time
 Where possible, we ask that you walk to your assigned school gate to reduce parking and traffic where children will be lining up and waiting
 1 adult only should accompany each child
 There will still be 2 coned areas to line up and wait – please pay attention to social distancing guidance and line up according to your ‘bubble’
 If you have any messages, questions or queries, please share these with the senior leader or phone the school office
 If you are late for school, you will need to bring your child to the specified gate for their ‘bubble’ and phone the school office. A member of staff will come down and collect them and they will be marked in as late. Please make every effort to be punctual