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As part of our school well-being approach, we are using Trick Box, which is a fun and effective personal development programme to help children: -
-    build confidence
-    manage emotions and anxiety
-    develop communication skills
-    make positive choice about actions
-    coach themselves through challenges.


Children across the school will be introduced to 24 ‘tricks’ and a simple self-coaching model called Letter Box, designed to give them positive habits for life. The tricks will help the children to build their confidence and communication skills, manage emotions and find solutions to challenges.They will be practising the tricks at school.

Parent Feedback from Stress Workshop


Feedback from workshop held autumn term 2019: -


"This course helped to remind me of the mindful ways I can take care of myself and how to adopt it for my children."


"This course has been very helpful to take time out for myself, to refocus on my own stresses and my children's, to find ways in a non-judgemental and confidential environment to change negative ways into more positive ones."


"I would highly recommend this course to any Mum and Dad. This will give you a 'step back' from situations that you have to deal with on a day to day basis. The workshop has given me 'strategies' to be able to cope with scenarios and be my own coach."


"A fun course full of small tricks that you can easily fit into life that really work. We are so lucky to have this on offer at our children's school. A proper course with a holistic approach. I really feel the benefit for myself and my family. The teachers were lovely. A lovely opportunity to take time for myself."


"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you."

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