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Remote learning during self isolation periods

From October 22nd 2020, the Government published a Continuity Direction, regarding the provision of remote education in schools, under the Coronavirus Act 2020. The Direction means schools have a duty to provide education to children at home, as they do when children are in the classroom. The Direction helps provide assurances to both pupils and parents that if pupils have to self-isolate at home their education will not be disrupted.


In the event of a confirmed case, schools are following the necessary guidance, including requiring small groups of children to self-isolate. In these cases, continuing to provide education is an absolute necessity. The Direction helps ensure this and sets a clear expectation on the high-quality education they should receive.


Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said:


The best place for children and young people to learn is in the classroom, which is why we made it a national priority to get all pupils back into schools and colleges full-time, and why I have been so pleased to see millions of them returning over the past few weeks. We have also, as we would expect, seen small numbers of students self-isolating in line with public health advice. It’s vital these students have access to high quality and consistent remote education. I know that through the incredible hard work of our teachers and staff, pupils will continue to receive the education they deserve through this academic year, whatever the circumstances, and I will do everything I can to support our schools, colleges and young people in making sure that’s the case.


All schools are required to offer remote education but were allowed to decide upon the most suitable provider for their school community. As a result, we were supported to work with Google and have spent a lot of time ensuring that this is set up and ready for use.


Letters and guidance have been sent home with the children and we have also ensured that we model how the system works in class, to support children if they need to self isolate and access remote education. The 21 Google classrooms already contain some links to online learning and the current knowledge organisers for each year group. Some classes have also been set some additional homework on there, just to enable the children to make use of the resource if they want to. 


We have provided every child with their unique user name and password to enable them to log in. This has been shared in class, but has been backed up with a text message to ensure the log in information is not lost.


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Stage One
Short term absence due to awaiting a test or a result


  • Standalone work on Google classroom or the specific year group page of the school website in Maths, SPAG, Reading Comprehension, Art or Cross Curricular Unit (or Reception specific work).
  • Y1-Y6 can also complete extra Reading, Bugclub, TT Rockstars/Numbots activities
  • Any parent/teacher communication is via the year group specific email address.
  • All completed work should be handed to the class teacher upon return and the teacher will reward the effort shown with house points.

Stage Two

Individual self-isolation (fourteen days) due to a positive test within the household OR a small number of pupils sent home BUT NOT the whole class


  • School/Teacher contacts the parent/carer by 5pm of the day after the office has acknowledged receipt of the information. Until this point the pupil follows Stage One instructions. 
  • The teacher directs the pupil to specific digital resources e.g. on the Oak National Academy website/BBC Bitesize website/Letters and Sounds YouTube page which broadly match the objectives being covered in school.


  • Specific worksheets or online links are uploaded to Google Classroom by the teacher OR emailed to the parents
  • The digital resources and specific work to do will probably be broken into chunks as opposed to the full fortnight being explained in one go.
  • Communication is via email or Google Classroom and is supported by Google meet chat weekly.
  • All completed work should be returned to school (ideally via uploads using Google Classroom on a daily basis). If this is not possible, the worksheets should be handed to the class teacher upon return. The teacher will reward the effort shown with house points and provide a short feedback report.

Stage Three

Whole class/year/school in self-isolation for fourteen days (summary)


  • Our "Virtual School" is delivered through Google Classroom.
  • A daily timetable of Google Meet teacher inputs via video recordings (not LIVE) (will be shared on the Google Classroom page) broadly matching the normal English/Maths weekly timetable plus some wider curriculum work.
  • The expectation is that all pupils will attend ‘Virtual School’ and watch the videos at some point in the day. Parents will need to contact the school office if they are going to be absent to explain why. A register will be taken.
  • If you do not have access/limited access at home, a two week block of work will be photocopied and ready in packs will be sent home with the pupils when class isolation starts.
  • The teachers will be available via online chat following the inputs to offer support if you need it.
  • Work can be completed in an exercise book with any worksheets stuck in and this will be returned to school.
  • The teacher will provide a short feedback report plus award some house points based on the work produced.

Whole Class/Year/School in Self Isolation for fourteen days (detailed notes)


  • A pack of the required worksheets and an exercise book will be sent home with the pupils who do not have access/limited access when the isolation period starts
  • The required worksheets will also be uploaded to the Google classrooms. Each year group will also have the required
    texts, instruction sheets etc.
  • In KS2 for each day there will be an allocated Maths task, an English task and a topic related tasks ie. humanities, science, art etc.
  • In KS1 for each day there will be an allocated Maths task, an English task, a Phonics task and a topic related tasks ie. humanities or art.
  • Each morning at 9.15am (slightly later than the start of the normal school day to enable siblings to be taken to their place of education) there will be a pre-recorded morning welcome from the teacher on Google Classroom. Essentially we expect all children to watch this, unless you have messaged the teacher to say your child cannot make it. For those pupils who are not present and who do not send a message, the school office will contact you to check the child’s whereabouts i.e. the expectation is that every pupil will attend Virtual School every day unless there is a message provided.
  • At around 9.30am on Google Classroom there will be an pre recorded English input and an independent task to complete. The teacher will be online via chat afterwards to help anyone who requires it.
  • At around 10.45am on Google Classroom there will be a pre recorded Maths input and an independent task to complete. The teacher will be online via chat afterwards to help anyone who requires it.
  • For KS2 at 11.45am on Google Classroom there will be a short pre recorded topic based input to explain the afternoon work.
  • For EYFS/KS1 at 11.30am on Google Classroom there will be a short pre recorded phonics input. There will be a short task to complete and the teacher will be online via chat to help anyone who requires it.


12pm-1pm = Lunch


  • For EYFS/KS1 at 1.15pm on Google Classroom there will be a pre recorded topic based input and an independent task to complete. The teacher will be online via chat afterwards for anyone that has questions about any of the work that day.
  • For KS2, 1.15pm-2pm the children will complete topic related work. The teacher will be available on Google Classroom chat for anyone that has any questions about any of the work that day.
  • At 2pm on Google Classroom there will be an pre recorded afternoon meeting including a class story.
  • 2.20pm-3pm = complete any other work that needs completing/Home Reading/TT Rockstars or Numbots independently.


We will supplement the timetable with additional curriculum suggestions e.g. music and sport.


  • All of the sessions will be pre recorded for safeguarding purposes.
  • We would like the worksheets (ideally stuck in the exercise book) and any resources returned to us when the pupils finish their self-isolation period and the teacher will produce a mini-report to celebrate the learning that has been completed and offer any specific feedback for the pupil to focus on back in school.


Therefore, for all of the above to happen smoothly should it be required, we need everyone to try and log into their Google Classroom account. If you cannot remember it, or have lost it, please email:


If you do not have the required ‘hardware’ (the device will need an integrated webcam or a webcam attachment) and are in receipt of Pupil Premium funding, please let us know as soon as possible as we are hoping to receive a small stock of equipment that we can loan out.

Please note:

  • If a vulnerable pupil is off school for any reason they will be contacted/supported/monitored/receive additional online lessons by staff from the Inclusion Team.
  • Any family that is struggling to access the work provided should make the school aware e.g. they do not understand where to find it on the website or google Classroom OR their access to IT hardware/internet connectivity is limited.