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Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any of our pupils please contact the school

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Pupils of all ages from schools across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole are invited to create artwork for reproduction across the areas seafront and heathlands, encouraging people to behave responsibly and respect the environment.  The artwork is a way for schools to get involved in supporting BCP Council’s ’s Leave only Footprints campaign. It would be great if you could consider the points made in the attached PDF with your children and join in the 'leave only footprints' campaign. I have also added an image i saw at the weekend. Draw out some thoughts and ideas about the issue and then decide upon some solutions. Introduce the phrase 'leave only footprints' and see if the children can be imaginative with an artistic response. The competition deadline is 3rd July, so there is just over a week to do it in. It must be A4, but can be drawn or painted and then emailed as a photo to the office or year group emails: FAO Miss Collis.   Please ensure the child's name and class are clearly attached to the emailed photo.

Over the last couple of months you have been working so hard, so some people would like to celebrate that and say Well done - Keep it up!

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Amelia (Yr2) went on a seaside creature hunt this morning and wanted to show you some photos!

Here is Joshua's (Yr3) work on the River Frome. He really enjoyed looking at different places along the river. Great work Joshua!

We thought you might like to see a piece of work that Ella (Yr5) & Ralph (Yr2) curated this week as one of their home lessons. They created this fully on their own with Ella taking the creative lead role!! Great work!

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Here is Amelia's (Yr5) prequel to Odysseus. Great work Amelia!

Well done to Mia (Yr3) today, cutting and donating her hair to The Little Princess Trust! What a wonderful thing to do Mia!

Juliette (Yr4) compared Picasso and Calder for her art project and found this artwork by Miro, which is in a similar style and this is what she made..Great work Juliette!

Rozalia (Yr4) is learning new things every day! She did a piece of writing about Egyptians, she learned about France, she even wrote a small poem about Victorian London (with little help), she's pretty confident with her fractions now and she did some Science experiments from Big Bang Science. Keep it up Rozalia!

Reading Friday at home - IDEAS FOR READING WITH CHILDREN IN KEY STAGE 2 (10.07.20). Remember to send videos and photographs of your Friday reads to so that we can celebrate our love of books!

Reading Friday at home - IDEAS FOR READING WITH CHILDREN IN EYFS AND KEY STAGE 1 (10.07.20). Remember to send videos and photographs of your Friday reads to so that we can celebrate our love of books!

Emily (Yr5) has been doing some research on Ancient Greece. Well done Emily!

Here is some of the home learning that Thomas (Yr3) has done this week on plastic pollution. Great work Thomas!

Here are some photos of things Henry (Yr1) has been up to this week. Keep it up Henry!

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Logan (Yr2) has finished his second reading rainbow! He absolutely loves his reading. When he finished school in March he was reading purple band books. During the last few weeks he’s managed to read some gold books and we have now moved up to white. Great job Logan!

Well done to Joshua (Yr3) for writing a letter to his local MP about the concerns he has about local litter. Joshua received a letter addressed to him with the house of commons stamp on and was so excited!

More entries for the 'Leave only Footprints' Campaign.

Maja (Yr3) wanted to share her reading achievements since lockdown. Great work Maja!

This is what Henry (Yr1) has been working on for Reading Friday. Keep it up Henry!

Here is Amelia's (Yr5) Reading Friday work. Well done Amelia!

On Friday the Key Worker classes had Forest School. We built dens, made wands from natural resources and had a competition to find the most number of objects that could fit in our box! We also found some charcoal left over from an old campfire and used this to make marks for a trail and rubbings on logs. We were really lucky with the weather, although the sun kept going in so we couldn’t make our sundials work. We could use our knowledge of the sun to work out the points of the compass though!

Here's a picture of Huxley's (Yr5) Reading Friday. He is reading 'Head Kid' by David Baddiel with his Grandma for an hour a day. She asks random questions on the text and is helping with the spellings for the words he's read. He has already read 'World's Worst Teachers' by David Walliams and will be continuing this over the summer where we can. Well done Huxley!

Demi (Yr4) has been busy at home. Well done Demi!

Mika (Yr4) has been working hard. Keep it up Mika!

More entries for the 'Leave only Footprints' Campaign.

During lockdown Alexandra (Yr3) has enjoyed going on Education City, doing lessons on Oak Academy, reading books on the ORT website and My Maths. We have made edible DNA, completed science experiments on zoom with our friends including blowing up balloons with baking soda. She has enjoyed sitting in the garden working online and has practiced her art several times via face painting. She has also enjoyed helping me make dinner and bake including making pizza dough & Cinnabon buns. Wow, you have been busy!

This is Oscar's (Yr4) poem


Night in the jungle 


One Starry night, tignt asleep the jungle was.

Peacefully the Animals has slept, illuminated by the star. 

The star flew across the sky, until It found a volcano's peak.

Peeking into the volcano, the star saw bubbing, cracking, hot-red lava.

The star then left into the sky, seeing the enarald jungle shrunk. 

Juliette (Yr4) wants to share her poem with us!

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Emilia (Yr1) has been reading daily and trying hard with the maths but she has really enjoyed being creative!

'Iv been liter picing to save animols lives' love Jessica (Yr1) Well done Jessica!

Max (Yr5) has done some research on Hades as part of his Greek home learning. Great work Max!

Henry (Yr3) has been working very hard and has no pages left in his workbook! Well done Henry!

Here is some fractions work Amelia (Yr2) has completed this morning that she wanted to share with you. Well done Amelia!

Oliver (Yr4) has completed some work on Egyptians this morning he wanted to show you. Great work Oliver!

Here’s a few things Amelia (Yr5) did this week. She also did the gymnastics challenge and the 3 suggested fitness activities. Fantastic Amelia!

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Yr1 'Leave only Footprints' Campaign

Yr6 & Yr5 'Leave only Footprints' Campaign

This week we have been writing newspaper reports about the return of King Fred in the Ickabog story. We also wrote some amazing poems about the Marshlands, which is where the Ickabog is said to live. Some of the children have written a captain’s log book for the Endeavour (the ship which took James Cook to Australia) and published them on paper they ‘aged’ using tea and coffee. In our Australia topic we have been studying and practising the traditional dot art technique. First we planned patterns, then tried it with paint using cotton buds. Although this was our trial run, it went so well that we used these to wrap around rainmakers, which we also made. Some children used part of their dot art piece to make a bookmark. In our final piece, we traced Australian animals, which we painted as black silhouettes and we then used earth colours to make our dot patterns. Our topic boards are so colourful! If you are able to have a go at this yourself, don’t forget to share it with us!

Luke (Yr5) has been following lessons on Oak national academy, we are also keeping up with my maths. Luke is also engaging with the Greek theme, he has made some Greek God top trump cards and has also designed a Greek temple out of Lego. Great work Luke!

Isabel (Yr1) has written a fantastic story, she created a picture story to help her write it. Well done Isabel!

Owen (Yr6) has been working hard at home. Well done Owen!

We made bubble snakes last week, it was so much fun that Beth (Yr3) and Alex (Yr1) wanted to make some for their cousins. Bethany wrote the instructions for them to follow. The Bubble snake idea was from “art ninja” which they are really enjoying watching. It includes art facts from different artists as well as giving lots of tips how to draw, paint and craft. We have been doing lots of arts and crafts!

Mia (Yr4) wanted to share her poem with us. Great work Mia!

Niah (Yr4) has been dressing up for her school day, just as though we were going to Hogwarts School of witch craft & wizardry. You look great Niah!

Ickabog poem by Mia in Key Worker group 2.

Here are a few things Alex (Yr1) has been up to. You have been busy Alex!

This is Max’s (Yr5) answer for the Prediction challenge for this weeks viper. He has just started reading ‘Bad Dad’ by David Walliams, and read 13 chapters for this. Great job Max!

Here are just a few things Beth (Yr3) has been up to. Bethany has also been very excited to watch the blackbirds nesting in our tree. They had four babies and we were able to watch them daily as they grew until they flew a couple of weeks ago!

Oliver (Yr3) wanted to thank Mrs Lawerence for her email and send some photos to show her he’s been busy doing puzzles, riding his bike and doing lots of drawing and Lego!

Demi (Yr4) has been working hard at home. Great job Demi!

Some of our Key Worker children in Yr 4&5 have been inspired to write some spine-chilling and atmospheric poetry as a result of their reading of the Ickabog.

This is some of Oscar's home learning, he is doing very well! (EY)

Lyla (EY) practiced independent spelling of some red words and wrote a whole sentence independently, with only one mistake, which she knew might not be right and asked to check! And some maths with number line... Proud Mummy, well done Lyla!

Amelia (Yr2) wanted to show you her writing practice she has done this morning. Great work Amelia!

Here are some photos of the chicks and some of the things that I’ve made. Today some more caterpillars are arriving. Also, every week I have three different dance classes on zoom which I really enjoy. Mia (Yr4)

Oliver (Yr4) worked really hard on his Viking project. Fantastic Oliver!

Alantice (Yr4) has learnt some interesting things about Egyptians on BBC bitesize and completed some work on hyrogliphics. We also learnt about and completed a circuit. Her spare time has been spent mostly on building big Lego houses, planting vegetables, bike riding, paddle boarding and building things like the mini beach scene. Great work Alantice!

Jack (Yr4) has been working hard on his writing. Well done Jack!

Stanley (Yr5) enjoyed working on his Greek project and helping his brother Arthur with some phonics today. He has also read over 15 books during lockdown! Wow, well done Stanley!

Mariama (Yr3) has been working hard on her home learning. Well done Mariama!

Amelia (Yr5) has been working through the summer 1 learning pack and enjoyed doing the Pentathlon too. Keep it up Amelia!

Oscar (Yr3) wanted to show you the crayfish he found in the stream yesterday whilst looking for minnows. He said it was "a real monster from the deep"! We researched it and found out it is an American signal crayfish and is an invasive species. Apparently they are delicious... But we let him go back to his riverbank home!

Daisy (Yr4) has been working really hard at home. She is reading everyday & for English we do a mixture of tasks set in the home learning packs, using the knowledge organiser, finding videos on BBC bite size and You Tube. She's also written a story about Little Red Riding Hood. Great work Daisy, keep it up!

Ella (Yr6) has been busy baking. They look yummy Ella!

'Bubble school!'. This picture has been sent into the National Portrait Gallery's 'Hold Still' project marking the Covid Crisis with public photos. #holdstill2020

Clara (Yr5) has been working hard on these pieces of writing and hope you like them. There is the prequel to 'Odysseus and The cyclops' and a PowerPoint presentation with my topic work in it. Well done Clara!

Joe (Yr1) has been busy at home. From his home learning pack, he designed a toy and came up with a paper prototype. It is a squawking, eating, flying, walking quetzalcoatlys! We made some greater than and lesser than gators, which help him in the "gator games"! Joe has also been doing some French, Education City, bread making, rainbow ice lolly making and lots of reading. Keep it up Joe!

Aaron (Yr5) has been busy working on his project. Great work Aaron!

Ella (Yr5) has been doing well at home and has enjoyed the project work . We even made one up ourselves about food and culture around the world. Ella has also found time to get out & enjoy the good weather. You look like you've had fun Ella!

Here are some photos of Jessica (Yr6) and the plants that she has grown. We have successfully grown and picked strawberries, growing potatoes which are in the potato sack, tomatoes and cucumbers. Well done Jess!

Charly (Yr2) has been working through the knowledge organisers, using BBC bite size and YouTube to find information videos about topics etc. We have also been doing some of the tasks set in the home learning packs. The map of Florida we made at Hengestbury Head. We will be starting the Survival topic next and for maths making our own tally and bar/block graphs. Wow you have been busy Charly, keep it up!

Sam's (Yr2) two older brothers have been studying Macbeth so we put the play on for them to watch, Sam showed an interest and asked if he could watch too. Sam watched the entire play! He became quite invested in the play and has asked to read it as well. Sam has been able to tell me the storyline well and has understood the key aspects. Well done Sam!

Taryn (Yr3) has been working very hard on his Maths and writing, whilst we carry out all the maths online, he has been practicing his handwriting skills and we are very pleased with his progress. Great work Taryn!

Max’s (Yr5) has been working on the reading task and has been busy on My Maths. Good job Max!

Naomi (Yr3) has been working hard on a story. Well done Naomi!

Ralph’s (Yr2) woodland habitat. Great work Ralph!

Finn (Yr4) has been super busy over the past few weeks. He's completed all MyMaths and Education City work set, written a small book review for his book from the pop up book shop & he has continued to read 3 times and week and read some facts about Egypt which means he has finally finished his reading Marathon! Finn also found time to relax & enjoy some outdoor fun! Well done Finn!

This week as part of our Australia topic, we joined World Ocean Day and did a virtual exploration of the Great Barrier Reef. We learnt some dive signals, and in science we learnt about the different food chains and found out how to classify the different life on the reef. Years 2,3,4 and 5 have been making 3D sculptures to use in our displays of the coral reef – can you work out what the different things are? We also looked at how different animals are adapted to life on the coral reef. To show how animals are streamlined in the water we made our own sharks out of plasticine and timed them to work out which shape was fastest and whether the texture of the skin made a difference. Perhaps you could try it at home! Let us know how you got on.

Tyler (Yr5) wanted to introduce his 4 new runner ducks born yesterday. After an extra night in the incubator they are now under the brooder but having plenty of play time. Aww very cute!


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Year 6! We need your help! As part of an end of Year 6 project, we need EVERYONE to share their favourite memory of Heatherlands. Think of a time that made you laugh or really showed our Heatherlands values. We’d also like to know your hopes for the future. Please record your thoughts in these bubbles and send a photo to the school email address: Thank you!

Isabel (Yr1) had a go at doing her self portrait. This was her first attempt. Well done Isabel!

Eleanor (Yr6) has been learning lots at home and wanted to show you the strawberry pavlova she made..... she has also been perfecting her 6 times table and making comics. That pavlova looks yummy!

Ned (Yr4) reading The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. What a great story!

Rozalia (Yr4) has been really busy at home & she is learning new things every day. She has done some writing about other countries like Poland, Spain & Hawaii, she's learned about some famous people like Florence Nightingale & Thomas Edison, she did a piece of writing about Tudors too. She has also been using My Maths and Education City. Wow you have been busy!

Amelia (Yr5) has been working on the Changes knowledge organiser and the volume/capacity section on one of the learning packs as well as various other worksheets. She is going to be doing the pentathlon tomorrow. Great work Amelia!

Ned (Yr4) has been hard at work helping his dad to build a new gate... life skills today back to school tomorrow!

Arthur (EY) has been doing some online lessons on twinkl and is enjoying. Keep it up Arthur!

Henry (Yr1) has been working through the Green Fingers knowledge organiser as well as various other worksheets. His favourite version that he’s read was Daft Jack and the Beanstack. We’re going to do the pentathlon tomorrow too. Well done Henry!

This week I have done some maths, written a list of things I would need at the beach and designed my own superhero called unicorn who can see through walls and is tall. I have also enjoyed watching operation ouch, learning about the body and I designed a book token for the national book token competition - Eva Cherry class

Lyla (EY) has been studying seaside & made great references to safety & importance of keeping our environment including the sea clean from human waste/rubbish. We made a mini ocean in a jar too and Lyla chose creatures that might live in it. Great work Lyla!

Emilia from Year 1 wanted to share her poem with us. Well done Emilia!

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Samuel's (Starfish) sister in year one was learning about Roy Lichtenstein's work and Sam decided to create a piece of work in the same style. Well done Sam!

Isabel (Yr1) has been looking at some of Roy Lichtenstein's work. Here is Isabel's very first attempt at a piece of work in this style. Great work Isabel!

This week in school we have been finding out about Australia. We’ve looked at where it is, how long it takes to get there and we put together general knowledge ‘fortune tellers’ to write fun facts and test each other on our knowledge. We have been being respectful and keeping 2 metres as always and learning new games to play in the playground. We’ve been reading J K Rowling’s new book, The Ikabog, and have designed our own idea of what the Ikabog looks like. In art we have been making bubble pictures and in music we learnt to sing Walzing Matilda and tried out some traditional Aboriginal tribal dances!

Livi from Maple Class, just wanted to share her great work today on fronted adverbials, after watching the BBC Bitesize clip. Well done Livi!

Joshua (Yr3) thought you would like to see his results from the Pentathlon he did. Great work Joshua!

This week Owen (Yr1) started to make a volcano out of newspaper and glue. It was very messy. I am waiting for it to dry and then we can paint it and make lava. I wrote a story about me and my brother as policeman. We had sirens on our police helmets. Great work Owen!

This week Eva (EY) watched Bog Baby and drawn a picture of my Bog Baby with some information about it. I have been watching BBC Bitesize and enjoyed the experiments. I did my own experiment about what happens in my stomach with a bag of water, some juice and some crisps to see how the crisps broke down. I have also completed the pentathlon it was good fun! You have been busy Eva!

Logan (Yr2) had a fab time working on the “I’m a survivor” project. He decided he wanted to make a survival kit. We did some research and he made a list and then put the kit together. We used things we had around the house but also handmade a few things including the knife and matches! Well done Logan!

Oscar (EY) is working hard on his home learning. Great work Oscar!

Tristan's football challenge 1 Intro (Yr4)

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Tristan's football challenge 1 demo

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Mariama (Yr3) has been working hard on her home learning. Keep it up Mariama!

Tristan's football challenge 2 Intro (Yr4)

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Tristan's football challenge 2 Demo (Yr4)

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Arthur (EY) has been busy reading & completed his Reading Rainbow. He also has been playing red word bingo with his brother and sister. Well done Arthur!

Lockdown Reflection

Arthur (EY) got inspired by the Bog Baby story and we went looking for a bog baby in the local pond. We found tadpoles! Arthur has also been enjoying word searches and is sewing a bookmark. Great work Arthur!too.

We saw frogs & toads and found a beehive in the front garden!! We built a Bivouac in the forest and I made cakes. I’ve also read lots of books in the sun and completed lots of maths and writing. Then had lots of exercise on my scooter and bike - socially distanced and away from other families! Imogen (EY)

At Heatherlands, one of the things we have really missed is welcoming parents and carers in to school to take part in “Reading Friday”, which started up at the beginning of the spring term this year. Sadly, it seems that we won’t be in a position to re-instigate these events just yet, so for the summer term, we thought we would offer some guidance so that you can celebrate “Reading Friday” at home, concentrating on a different reading skill each week. Instead, we would like every Friday between now and the end of term to become a “Reading Friday”.

Zain from Yr2 has been busy. Well done Zain!

Hallie (Cherry class) rescued some tadpoles from a puddle at the Rec near the school before lockdown and Hallie has enjoyed watching the development/metamorphosis, she has helped keep the water clean, fed them and she was very excited to see them climbing up the tub this morning now that some have become little frogs! Not all of them have got to this stage yet but we are releasing the ones that have locally as they are now trying to escape! Well done Hallie!

Evie (Yr6) has been working on some beautiful art work. Well done Evie!

Harrison from Yr4 has been working on a storyboard. Great work Harrison - Keep it up!

A very impressive pizza box designed and made by Livi in year 3. We look forward to seeing your delicious pizza when you have cooked it!

What have we been up to in school today? 22.5.2020 Subtitles for this video: "Happy Friday. Today we have been doing Forest Schools. Have a good half term. BYE!"

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Smilte saying a BIG thank you to her teacher Miss Finch and everybody from school for hard work during this time. She misses school so much! We miss you too Smilte!

Ella and Anabel (Yr3) making their very dragon garden over the past few weeks after school. Great work girls!

Logan (Yr2) is desperate to share his latest project! He really wanted to create his own little garden, so he has been allocated his own space, picked his own plants and seeds and has been super busy the last last couple of days potting and arranging them! Looks great Logan!

Finn (Yr6) wanted to let us know he’s on the daily leaderboard for My Maths. Great work Finn!

Livi (Yr3) and Lyla (EY) learning about pond life, importance of leaving wildlife wild and clear of rubbish and lifecycle of a frog.

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Lyla (EY) has made a butterfly picture after watching Andy Goldsworthy’s work on You Tube. She has been as keen on her art work as ever. Well done Lyla!

What have we been up to in school today? 21.5.2020


Click on the link below to find out:

Jessie-Lin in year 3 was awarded with a Blue Peter badge for her wonderful work on the solar system. Well done Jessie-Lin, what an amazing achievement!

Felicity from Yr6 has been busy at home. Well done Felicity!

Eva from Cherry class wants to let you know that she has learnt to ride her bike! Well done Eva!

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What have we been up to in school today? 20.5.2020

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Bastian (EY) finished his 2nd Reading Rainbow and has been doing lots of maths multiplications using pencils.Keep it up Bastian!

We thought you might like to see Oliver’s (Poppy class) lovely reading to his brother of the Gruffalo this morning. Lovely reading Oliver!

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Oscar (EY) has been busy at home. Well done Oscar!

Ollie (Yr3) and Lucy (Yr1) wanted to send pictures of them making their dots. Great work!

Mariama from Yr3 has been working hard at home!

Here is a lava experiment I did I hope you lavatastic like it! Joshua Yr3

What have we been up to in school today? 19.5.2020

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What have we been up to in school today? 18.5.2020


Click on the link below to find out:

Sophie from Early Years has been really busy leaf hunting & making a veggie patch. Granma has been helping her learn German too. Great job Sophie!

Sophia from Early Years has been learning how to make pizzas from scratch. She listened to instructions very well and pretty much made one all by herself except the edge bit. It was very tasty!

Bethany in Year 3 has been busy baking Viennese Whirls with her Mum to share with her family!

What have we been up to in school today? 15.5.2020


Click on the link below to find out:

Pippa in Willow class has learnt all about Vincent Van Gogh, recreating one of his paintings very accurately! Her presentation was very professional and looked like it took lots of hard work! Well done Pippa!

Livi from Maple class has been working particularly hard at home. She has written a letter to her Gran and created an amazing pond art piece based on Andy Goldsworthy's work.

What have we been up to in school today? 14.5.2020

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Here is the crazy video Shannon!!

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Sam (EY) has loved making the dinosaur fact book and has even invented a dinosaur himself. Fantastic Sam!

Lyla (EY) has been busy doing some learning. Great work Lyla!

So far this week I have done some worksheets for English and Maths and I started to learn about dinosaurs yesterday. I have been practicing doing joined up writing too. Hopefully later today I will be making a volcano! Eva Cherry class.

Lucas (Yr6) has been working hard this week. He has also been doing Education city, my maths and bug club. Well done Lucas!

Well done to Naomi (Willow class) who has not only achieved Rock Legend status, but she has also reached 6th on the whole school leaderboard. That is quite an achievement when you are up against speedy year 6 players! Well done everybody for working so hard on your Times tables! Miss Finch

Tristan from Yr4 has written a letter to Mr Churchill about what he's been up to at home. Great work Tristan!

What have we been up to ins school today? 13.5.2020

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Chase from Yr1 has been working on some addition and work on prepositions. Keep it up Chase!

Some fantastic theme work from Joshua in Yr3!

Mariama from Yr3 has been working hard on her home learning. Well done!

Felicity from Yr6 has been busy on Education City. Great work!

What have we been up to in school today? 12.5.2020


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Sophia from Early Years having fun during lockdown!

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Oscar's (EY) home learning. Well done Oscar!

Ned's (Yr4) dad has been teaching him to cook, last night he made Thai Basil Pork. Looks yummy!

Anastasia (EY) wanted to share a delicious Sugar Crystals she built. Yum yum It's a simple and fascinating way to learn about crystals!

What have we been up to in school today? 11.5.2020


Click on the link below to find out:

Sophie from Early Years been working hard with her school work & really enjoying Education city...Great work Sophie!

Sophie (Yr1) has been getting creative with her learning. She built a beanstalk and a giant and chose some treasure to put on her beanstalk before chopping it down! We've also been bug hunting and built a tower to the moon.

Sammy (Yr1) has been busy planting lots recently! Unfortunately we didn't label anything and have no idea what anything is!

Ellie (Yr6) created a poster she tea stained the paper and has done all the work herself she has worked very hard and is proud of what she has achieved!

John (Yr4) finished his Viking longboat. Great work John!

Callum (Yr6) has been working hard on his VE decorations. Well done Callum!

I've been doing lots of work at home including p.e and lots of maths.Today I made a V.E day bunting and a U.K flag. Luke (Yr6). Looks great!

George (Yr6) decided to replicate "Starry night over the Rhone" by Van Gough. He hopes you like it. Great work George!

Tayla (Yr6) learned to play ‘We’ll meet again’ on her cornet for the VE Day challenge. She had to show a lot of resilience as it took quite a lot of practice to get those high notes! Fantastic Tayla!

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Livi (Yr3) and Lyla (EY) watched a short kids you tube video about what VE Day is about and had a walk to see all the flags on the neighbourhood houses... and then made some gestures of recognition and appreciation through some art...Great work girls!

Rufus from Yr1 has been busy at home. Well done Rufus!

A message from Mr Churchill. 9.5.2020

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What have we been up to in school today? 7.5.2020

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Part 2

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Oscar (Yr3) has been learning about 3D nets and made his own pizza box. We then forced ourselves to order take away pizza just so we could examine the boxes! What a great excuse for a pizza!

Sophia from Poppy Class has been doing loads of playing, helping in the kitchen, and studying. You have been busy Sophia!

Jake (EY) wanted to show his story about the titanic to Miss plumb! Well done Jake!

Aronas (Yr1) did a lot of creative work this week: an air balloon, a dream catcher, still working on our plants project. Unfortunately some naughty creature had a bite of our paprikas. Will see if it survive the attack :)

Arthur (EY) has written a new ending for Meg's Eggs... The crocodile came out of the egg Meg and Mog were shocked The crocodile ate them Not the hat The end. Well done Arthur!

What have we been up to in school today? 6.5.2020


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Well done Mika for this wonderful video.


Click on the link below to see Mika showing off her work:

Eleanor (Yr6) wanted to share a lovely card and letter she made for her Aunt who is an ambulance driver in Portsmouth. We've also been watching Midsummer Nights Dream and doing some online Shakespeare drama workshops as she misses Drama club with Ms Evans. She has also learned to knit and we are making some wartime recipes tomorrow for VE day. Well done Eleanor!

Rylee in Year 6 organised independently, a way to raise money for charity. He walked up his stairs at home 100 times and raised £130 for NHS Charities! He has also been working on some 'Banksy' art. Fantastic Rylee!

Evelyn (Yr6) has been working on a project on Andy Warhol. Great work Evie!