Heatherlands Primary School

Enjoying Learning Together

The new academic year

Daily mile timetable from 7th September 2021


Children will need to bring trainers for the daily mile, unless they are already in PE kits. Please do not wear trainers to school otherwise.


KS2 - Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Year 3 - 10.45am (straight after breaktime)

Year 4 - 9.15am (after morning work & before maths)

Year 5 - 1pm (after afternoon register)

Year 6 - 2pm (between afternoon sessions)


EY & KS1 - Tuesday & Thursday

EYFS - 2pm (between afternoon sessions)

Year 1 - 11.45am (straight before lunch)

Year 2 - 10am (straight before breaktime)



PE timetable 2021

As agreed, all parents are now able to access the school site from 3.15pm. All 3 gates wiill be opened by Senior Leaders and closed again at 3.30pm. This is to ensure the safety of the children and the site and to manage the number of adults and visitors. We reccomment that all vistors wear masks and maintain social distancing.

Heatherlands COVID Risk Assessment Updated November 2021

Entry and exit information from September 6th 2021