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Unfortunately the music concert scheduled for Friday (22nd June) has had to be rescheduled. New date to be advised....Reception 2018 Admissions Information now available on About Us ta

Our shared values

  • Independence: At Heatherlands Primary School we are ready to learn. We try to solve problems ourselves in different ways and we make sure that we have everything we need for learning.
  • Resilience: At Heatherlands Primary School we never give up, even when we are faced with a challenge. We always reflect on our mistakes, seek and listen to advice and use the experience in a positive way to do even better next time.
  • Respect: At Heatherlands Primary School we will make good choices to ensure we take care of ourselves, each other, our belongings and our environment. We know that everyone has the right to be listened to without being judged. We accept differences and treat everyone equally.
  • Aspiration: At Heatherlands Primary School we believe that through hard work and determination we can achieve the goals that we set ourselves to become the best we can.
  • Motivation: At Heatherlands Primary School we have a positive attitude and are active learners striving to do our best.


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