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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

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The Heatherlands Way

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Year 3 have been outside learning Stone Age and Bronze Age skills - weaving, grinding corn, making butter and making paints out of natural materials.
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The children in Year 3 have been working on including direct speech in their writing. Some of the children were challenged to write about our school values of respect on the playground. Here is one of the children’s writing: -


One day Juliette and Mikey were playing happily together but just that moment Sam came up to them and asked “Can I play with you?” “NO!” they shouted together and Sam walked away and muttered “Now I haven’t got any friends” and started to cry. The next day Sam and Mikey were playing together happily and Juliette came along and asked “Can I play?” “No!” they shouted together.


The message is to always play with people if they haven’t got anyone to play with or the same thing might happen to you if you do not have anyone to play with.


(By Juliette, Sycamore Class – Punctuation and Grammar as Written by Juliette)


Year 3 have also been creating stories about the Stone Age from objects found in forest schools. The children used puppets to help them tell their stories around the forest school campfire. They are all looking forward to writing their stories in English.

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Year 3 is amazing! We now get to bring our own healthy snack into school for break-times and we can’t wait to go swimming.

 In Year 3 we have been carrying out Science experiments all about plants. The first experiment we set up with cress seeds in five different containers all with only one change to make it a fair test. Every day we are checking the seeds to see when they germinate. This means when a root and shoot can be seen.

 We have also put an avocado seed in some water to see what happens. Already the seed has started to germinate and the root has appeared. In another experiment we put celery and white flowers into food colouring with water and we are now waiting to see what will happen.

English is incredible because we have been reading the story of Hansel and Gretel and taking part in drama as the characters. In our writing, we are trying to include the skills of using FANBOYS (co-ordinating conjunctions), pronouns and prepositions.

 It was amazing when we got to go and visit the garden to find different seeds which we then used to sketch in our art books. We can’t wait to learn more during the rest of Year 3.

(Written by Maple Class)

Y3 sketching

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Growing up overview Autumn 2018

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The Heatherlands Way

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