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The Art 'Big Ideas'


The ‘Big Ideas’ relate to elements within a subject discipline or refer to important concepts that contribute to pupils’ personal and social development. It is essential that the ‘Big Ideas’ within each subject are understood by the children and become part of their common classroom language. In art, these 'Big Ideas' are:


  • Inspiration
  • Experimentation
  • Expression



Arts Week June 2024

Early Years have enjoyed completing their paper plate challenge! They had one paper plate each which they could turn into a porthole, an underwater scene or a crab. Lots of children also chose to make these without a paper plate so they got to experience all of the options! They have also been busy in the creative area painting a beach scene using different media such as sponges and brushes and even adding sand to create texture. They classrooms have now been transformed into a beach and underwater oasis with all of the children’s beautiful artwork displayed. They are fantastic to look at and show the children’s creativity and individuality!

Year 1 have enjoyed exploring art in nature and spending time in our natural environment. We made clay animals that represent our classes using skills of rolling, pinching and smoothing. We then made habitats for our clay animals using shoe boxes. First, we colour mixed to make a green background before drawing our ponds and other features. We then used tree rubbings to create texture and cut out trunks to add to our habitats. We also collected natural resources in our school environment to add to our habitats such as leaves, stones and sticks. Finally, we painted our clay animals and positioned them in our habitats. We had a lot of fun engaging in a variety of different activities where the children could express themselves freely and imaginatively. The children were proud of their final outcome and can't wait to take them home today.

Year 2 have had a fantastic Arts Week exploring Art in Nature. They started the week with a visit from a local Author Debs Pharoah – Pink who read them some of her new book. She talked about how she was inspired by the nature and animals that visited her garden. She signed books at the end of the day with some children and donated her new book to our school library. During the day she led an illustration workshop with each class showing them how she had to be resilient and aspirational with her drawings. Deb’s set them a challenge to draw some new characters for her book which is set in Summer inspired by some of the animals and habitats at Heatherlands. The children sketched their own characters and later in the week created a watercolour landscape background inspired by photographs they had taken in the school grounds. They used black pens to sketch the animals and more detail. They look absolutely amazing! They also practised observational drawing of some interesting natural objects that Debs had brought in such as deer antlers, nests, shells, feathers and much more. At the end of this lovely day on Monday, the children took time to appreciate others work with a walking gallery around each classroom. They talked so positively about their friends art work. During the week they learnt how to draw cartoon animals and planned and created a cartoon comic strip. They then created some word Art thinking of words related to a favourite animal or natural object and filled the shape with descriptive words or nouns. It was a really busy week. The children were really enthused and we had comments like ‘I love sketching!’ This is so much FUN! ‘ ‘ I didn’t know I could draw like this, I am so proud of my work. Well done on a fantastic week Year 2.

Year 3 started the week by looking at the artist, Sandra Meech. She uses a mixed media approach to her work, incorporating drawing, painting and textiles to create glacier inspired pieces. We found that she used different principles and elements of art but particularly liked her use of colour and texture. We then had a go at using different tie dye techniques to make different lines. It was a bit fiddly to tie the elastic bands on our fabric but we showed resilience to create some lovely effects. We had to think carefully about which colours would work best for our group piece, which we planned using collage before having another go at dyeing with the right colours. On the Tuesday we had a visit from the Big Little Theatre company who put on a fantastic show for us. We then took part in some workshops and performed ourselves in the afternoon! Later in the week, we combined all of our pieces of fabric together to make a year group outcome. We had to look at the patterns carefully to represent the different features of a glacial scene – mountains, cliffs, water and the northern lights in the sky. We were even able to use some of our test pieces of fabric to make some hammered leaf art during our forest school sessions!

Yr4 Arts Week

Year 5 had a fantastic Arts Week. We carried on our theme of ‘Exploring Africa’ from earlier on in the year as it was such a success, and used wire to create sculptures of African animals. We also used different materials to create African masks which we all enjoyed wearing! To add to the week, we also had a workshop with Utterly Butterly Ukulele from SoundStorm which ended with a brilliant performance to parents/carers. Finally, to finish the week off, we worked with some A Level students from Magna who taught us some African drumming.

We were lucky enough to have Abi Thommes in to talk to Year 3 and 4 about the Arts by the Sea Festival. It's a FREE festival for all the family. It's a really exciting festival with lots of workshops and creative Arts going on! Abi will be there on one of the stalls. See if you can find her. Remember to tell her you are from Heatherlands Primary School. Year 3 and 4 were set a challenge during the assembly to design and create a mindfulness dice all about ' Being Present in the moment' These are all going to be displayed in Bournemouth Library for a month. Go a long and see if you can spot yours Year 3 and 4. If you are at a lose end go along and enjoy this festival with your family and friends. ENJOY!

Arts Week 2023

Arts Week - Hall of fame competition. Perfect portraits needed of your favourite members of staff!

Still image for this video

We joined up with Sky Access All Arts to have a creative week, not only exploring the visual Arts but other creative Arts as well such as dance, drama, music, singing and photography. Each year group has shared what they did through out the week. It was a very creative and fun week across the school.

Arts Week - I am not an artist YET! 2022

For Arts Week in Early years we used our recent beach trip and sculptural artist Pete Rush for inspiration. We used clay as well as some materials we brought back from Shell bay to create sculptures, focussing on form and texture. We were able to use the clay to create the form of sea creatures we have been learning about, and then used materials such as shells, crab legs and even seaweed to add texture and realism to our finished sculptures. In writing, we looked at a variety of pieces by Pete Rush and wrote about what we could see and what we liked about them. We all had a wonderful week!

Year 1 had a fantastic arts week. Our focus was on printing, in the style of Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art. We focused on line, shape and colour as part of the 7 elements of art. We began the week by looking at the work of Lichtenstein, considering the bold colours he used and the comic style writing. We created our own version of his work by rolling paint onto bubble wrap to create the ‘dot’ effect, then printed this onto our paper. After it had dried, we painted into foam letters and printed these onto the middle of our artwork. It was really effective! We also created our own collagraphs from cardboard and string. We made these first and then painted onto the raised sections before printing onto paper. We were amazed how we could turn our collagraphs to different angles to create a cool effect on our pieces of art.

Year 2 started their Arts Week with a visit from an expert who showed us how to draw a variety of Animé characters and how to vary their features to show a range of emotions in the style of Japanese manga drawing. We designed our own character based on this and then created our own comic books incorporating our character in this style. We also experimented with a new medium (tin foil) and papier mache in order to create a sculpture of our character.

Year 3 focused on typography for Arts Week. We looked at artist Alex Trochut and took inspiration from some pieces where he has made the font look like different objects. We then experimented with creating our own ‘word art’ in the style of different foods and created tints and shades to create depth to the writing. Finally we put both these skills together to create own own final pieces. We had some absolutely fantastic art work and we all had a great time!

During Arts Week, Year 4 focused on ‘textile’ art. We learned more about the art elements of ‘colour’ and ‘shape’ through experimentation with tie-dye; we made beautiful patterns using different coloured dyes, printed on tea towels. We also looked into ‘Batik’ – we used wax crayons and oil pastels to produce colourful batik pictures for our current Egyptian topic (to go on display in our Year 4 Egyptian Museum!).

For arts week 2022, Year 5 focused on the elements of colour and form. The children repurposed plastic bottles to make Greek style vases. We first planned and cut our bottles to the required size. We then formed the shape and added handles using newspaper. After that, we covered our vases in modroc to make them sturdy. We then painted them in traditional Greek colours using acrylic paint and then added Greek designs to the outside.

Year 6 Arts Week - This week, we have been studying Maya art. Through this research, we now understand that the Maya people used predominantly red, orange, yellow and blue within their artwork. We also found out that they would use natural resources around them to create the pigmentation in order to pain their tapestries, statues and pottery. As such, we decided to recreate artwork in the Maya style by creating a hieroglyph on a cardboard tile, using different strings of different thicknesses, and then painting this using colours made from natural resources (fruit and vegetables). After this, we decided to research Maya pottery and created a tile or pot using clay that we coloured ourselves by adding acrylic paint to the clay and kneading it in. This was messy but very effective! We created different textures by either sticking our designs on top of the clay base or carving them in.

Please click on the links below for information on the Art curriculum across the school.

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Year 5 have impressed us all with their art work this year. Here are just a few examples.

Amazing art work from Year 5 for their Africa topic - 'Hakuna Matata'

Year 2 plastic pollution day

Abi told Mariama how Year 2 started off their day with a visit from a local artist Laurie Newman who read us the story Jessie the Jellyfish. It was all about how plastic is disposed of in the sea and how this can harm sea creatures. We have learning about this in English lessons and have read and written about Duffy's Lucky Escape and turtle who swallowed some plastic which made her ill. Alongside this,  in Science we are studying materials, their uses, properties and have touched on how some materials are more sustainable than others and better for the environment. We have thought about what we can do for the future of our planet. Abi, Mariama and Mrs Preston visited all three Year 2 classrooms to see the art work they are created using single use wrappers. It was great what they created but were shocked how much plastic was left over !

Abi told Mariama about her current project and how she is working with Wateraid. Mariama and Year 5 are currently learning about this which is brilliant. Abi was really impressed and interested to hear what they had been doing. Abi had a lovely day with Year 2 and really enjoyed her talk with Mariama our Art Learning  Ambassador.

After school, the teachers also worked with Abi and consolidated and learned some new art skills. They had a wonderful time and produced some amazing art work. Well done!

Arts Week October 2019