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The Art 'Big Ideas'


The ‘Big Ideas’ relate to elements within a subject discipline or refer to important concepts that contribute to pupils’ personal and social development. It is essential that the ‘Big Ideas’ within each subject are understood by the children and become part of their common classroom language. In art, these 'Big Ideas' are:


  • Inspiration
  • Experimentation
  • Expression


Please click on the links below for information on the Art curriculum across the school.

Art curriculum statement

Heatherlands Art Progression Map

Art intent, implementation & impact

Art curriculum overview

Artist study

Year 5 have impressed us all with their art work this year. Here are just a few examples.

Amazing art work from Year 5 for their Africa topic - 'Hakuna Matata'

Year 2 plastic pollution day

Abi told Mariama how Year 2 started off their day with a visit from a local artist Laurie Newman who read us the story Jessie the Jellyfish. It was all about how plastic is disposed of in the sea and how this can harm sea creatures. We have learning about this in English lessons and have read and written about Duffy's Lucky Escape and turtle who swallowed some plastic which made her ill. Alongside this,  in Science we are studying materials, their uses, properties and have touched on how some materials are more sustainable than others and better for the environment. We have thought about what we can do for the future of our planet. Abi, Mariama and Mrs Preston visited all three Year 2 classrooms to see the art work they are created using single use wrappers. It was great what they created but were shocked how much plastic was left over !

Abi told Mariama about her current project and how she is working with Wateraid. Mariama and Year 5 are currently learning about this which is brilliant. Abi was really impressed and interested to hear what they had been doing. Abi had a lovely day with Year 2 and really enjoyed her talk with Mariama our Art Learning  Ambassador.

After school, the teachers also worked with Abi and consolidated and learned some new art skills. They had a wonderful time and produced some amazing art work. Well done!

Arts Week October 2019