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Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Miss Brown.  She can be contacted via the school office.  Please click on the links below for further information on SEN.

BCP Educational Psychologist Team

What is an Information, Advice and Support Services?

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Table Cricket Club


Some children in the school have been learning how to play table cricket with a coach after school. Soon we will have our very own table cricket set in school to run table cricket club at lunchtimes.

Speech and Language Support


Speech and Language support is offered through the school by Mrs Stanley. Mrs Stanley works alongside the Dorset Speech and Language Therapy Service to implement individuals Speech and Language Therapy reports. If as a parent or carer you have any concerns about a child's Speech and language, then a full assessment can be completed by the child's class teacher. Once the report is completed, it will be reviewed by Dorset Speech and Language Therapy Services who then if required will offer the child an assessment within school or at a local clinic. If the child is found to have any speech and language difficulties then they will be offered 6 weeks of block therapy sessions, these sessions will continue to be reviewed as required by Therapy Services.


If recommended by Dorset Speech and Language Services your child will be supported weekly by Mrs Stanley who will work through the child's individual Speech and language Therapy Programme with them. Class teachers are given a copy of the child's report with any classroom recommendations for support within the classroom and a home pack of resources are provided to parents from either Speech and Language Services or by the school. 




Also have a look at the website below for more helpful links on how to support your children with developing their speech and language.

Paired Reading Project


Have you ever read a book aloud with someone else? Why not try using paired reading to help develop reading fluency. The children in Key Stage 2 at Heatherlands all have reading buddies to support each other with reading – Year 3 and Year 5, Year 4 and Year 6. Prior to reading, the readers decide on signals to show when one reader feels more confident to read independently. During paired reading, both readers initially read together in tandem. Have a look at the paired reading guide and give it a go yourself.


Paired Reading Guide

Project X

Project X is a reading scheme and intervention targeted to primary school children. The scheme combines phonics with reading comprehension tasks to develop children’s reading. The books are targeted toward boys however all children will enjoy the adventures of the characters. Code group reading texts take the children through Project X to try and stop CODE from taking over, Watch the video together with your child on and to find out more about the adventures.





Nessy is a programme on the internet that is designed to support children make progress with their reading, spelling and maths using fun and multi-sensory approaches online. The programme is particularly designed to support children who may have dyslexic tendencies. Every child who is using the Nessy programme will be provided with a username and password. In school, they will have timetabled sessions on this programme. Parents can support their child further by allowing them to access this website at home. To find out more information visit the website

The Hub Experience


Meet and Greet

Meet and greet sessions take place in one of the cabins called ‘The Hub’ running 8:45am-approx 9:10am. The session begins with sensory activities which are designed to help improve self-esteem, self-regulation and develop physical skills. It also aims to help children to focus, pay attention and improves communication skills. It can also support some children with calming down before entering class.


Morning physical activities include knee ups, hops, running man, push ups jogging and jump shoot. These encourage the children to use different senses and support pupils to develop sequencing, co-ordination, stimulation and motor skills.


At the end of the physical activities, the children carry out a mindfulness exercise to prepare them for the days learning. These sessions help children with transitions from home to school.


Lunch Hub

Lunch hub club provides a calm, quiet and safe space for children to eat their lunch. Activities such as Lego, mindfulness colouring and board games are planned and structured. Also a programme is on in the background for them to watch. The children who benefit from this provision are those with anxiety or sensory needs. Being able to sit in a quiet space rather than a noisy hall or a busy playground helps them to feel calm and improve their social and emotional skills. Friendship and relationship building is built up by learning skills such as sharing and turn taking whilst playing games within this time.


Hub Afternoons

A nurture based group that helps to build on personal skills and work on self-esteem. Sessions are planned to link within the curriculum across the school. The sessions are run by an ELSA and an experienced TA. Afternoon sessions involve weekly ELSA sessions, cooking, gardening, art and drama. These are great for team building, friendship building and developing the children’s creativity.

Family Outreach service



‘My name is Sara Hayavi. I am a Family Outreach Worker from BCP early help services. I support children and families at Heatherlands Primary School who may need some support with behaviour management. I can also provide advice for families who may have concerns around mental health, domestic abuse, finances or other areas. I hold drop-in appointments at Heatherlands Primary School every three weeks as well as working closer with individual families.’

If you would like to arrange a meeting with our school Family Outreach Worker, please speak to Mrs Stanley or Miss Brown

Play Therapy


Our Play Therapist


'My name is Claire Dorling and I am a trainee play therapist at Heatherlands Primary School. Play therapy uses a variety of play and creative arts techniques to help children with behavioural and emotional difficulties to recognise and regulate themselves. Referrals can be made through the child’s class teacher. If the referral meets the criteria, I will then arrange play therapy sessions weekly with the child where they have access to a variety of items in the play therapy tool-kit including paints and toys. Parents and staff at the school are kept regularly informed about the child’s progress throughout the therapy sessions.’

Primary Mentor Programme


Our Primary Mentor

‘My name is Nicole Carroll and I am a Primary Mentor for BCP Council; my role is to support Primary School children with their emotional health and wellbeing within school. I run weekly groups during school time that aim to help children gain valuable skills to support their emotions, friendships, worries, self-esteem and confidence including a group called ‘Relax Kids’. The groups teach children strategies in creative and fun ways whilst creating a safe space for them to learn and talk about their feelings.’

 Trick Box


As part of our school well-being approach, we are using Trick Box, which is a fun and effective personal development programme to help children: -
-    build confidence
-    manage emotions and anxiety
-    develop communication skills
-    make positive choice about actions
-    coach themselves through challenges.


Children initially in EYFS and Year 1 will be introduced to 24 ‘tricks’ and a simple self-coaching model called Letter Box, designed to give them positive habits for life. In EYFS they will begin by learning 6 tricks and in Year 1 they will learn 9 tricks. They will be practising the tricks at school.


The tricks will help the children to build their confidence and communication skills, manage emotions and find solutions to challenges.

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