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The History 'Big Ideas'


The ‘Big Ideas’ relate to elements within a subject discipline or refer to important concepts that contribute to pupils’ personal and social development. It is essential that the ‘Big Ideas’ within each subject are understood by the children and become part of their common classroom language. In history, these 'Big Ideas' are:


  • Chronology
  • Innovation
  • Impact



Year 6 trip to Bovington Tank Museum March 2022

Year 1 Toy Museum November 2021

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Year 1 learned all about toys from the past and what they were made from. They then made a toy of their own and wrote all about how it could be played with. The children then displayed all their work in their very own toy museum.

The children in Y6 have enjoyed taking part in virtual workshops with Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre this week. They have explored 'behind the scenes' and have seen some amazing fossils found on Charmouth beach. They were able to look at the Charmouth Dinosaur and decipher facts about its diet through fossilised clues that have been left behind. As well as this, we were lucky enough to receive, from Charmouth, a box filled with different types of fossils and activities. We even got to make our own fossils from plaster and use our artistic skills to sketch these from different angles and with different scales.

Year 4 Anglo Saxon Day September 2021

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