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The Science 'Big Ideas'


The ‘Big Ideas’ relate to elements within a subject discipline or refer to important concepts that contribute to pupils’ personal and social development. It is essential that the ‘Big Ideas’ within each subject are understood by the children and become part of their common classroom language. In science, these 'Big Ideas' are:


  • Investigation
  • Explanation
  • Observation



Year 5 enjoyed a day at Winchester Science Centre today. We got to explore all the amazing exhibits, have a workshop about light in space and, the best part of all, we visited the planetarium where we travelled around the Milky Way and beyond! We even did some investigations about materials used in space and created a laser maze just like they use on the James Webb space telescope.

'Post it planning' - a video explanation by Sam


Each year group has now been delivered a set of 'post-it planning' posters. These are a fantastic resource for improving the amount of working scientifically in school. 

Year 3 have used them this week and 'absolutely loved them'! It's great to hear comments from teachers about this resource reducing workload whilst also enthusing the children about science and helping them to comprehend fair testing.

Our fabulous Science Ambassador has done a quick tutorial video for you all on how to use this resource within your lessons - he hopes you enjoy it! 


Please click the link below to view the video:


Science curriculum statement

Science intent, implementation & impact

Science Subject Overview

Today we were lucky enough to have AECC University College in to perform a Straighten Up workshop with every year group. The children were encouraged to stretch carefully and shown how this can support their bodies and help their posture. AECC even brought along a few skeletal friends for reference! AECC also presented the prizes to the competition winners for the 'how things grow' competition. Well done to all the prize winners, and to everyone who took part. The children were very well behaved and showed our Heatherlands Way at all times. Thank you, AECC, for your time today.

12.7.21 As it is science week this week at Heatherlands, we were fortunate enough to have Ian Dunne come into school to complete a workshop with each year group. He conducted many funny tricks and talked to us about static electricity. The children showed the Heatherlands Way at all times. Thank you, Ian, for a great experience!

AECC Science Competitions



While the school was closed for many children during the lockdown, Mrs Underwood (Head of Science) worked with Lisa Bates at AECC College and launched a school science competition across the trust.  The competitions had a Key Stage One, Key Stage Two and a  whole school category. The KS1 category looked at changes in our environment, whereas KS2 reviewed how to keep your body healthy and how athletes stay fit and well. The whole school strategy enabled children to research a career in the health sciences and see what that area of employment entails.


There were lots of entries across Coastal Partnership but we are very happy to announce that some children at Heatherlands won prizes. Anabel received a runners up prize in the KS1 competition and Romanie was also awarded a runners up prize for the health science competition.  These children both were given a certificate and Amazon voucher, by AECC College, to spend. Well done on the great work.


In KS1 we also had a competition winner. Rory received the winner’s prize for his work on how to eat a balanced diet and look after your muscles. You can see him holding his certificate and Amazon voucher proudly in this photo.




We would like to thank all the children who entered the competition for their hard work and resilience while completing their projects. Well done to the everyone who entered. We would also like to thank AECC Bournemouth for their generous prizes. Heatherlands are very excited to be working with you in school again next year, in Science Week March 2021!

Please click on the links below for information on the Science curriculum across the school and the current Science policy.