Heatherlands Primary School

Enjoying Learning Together

Heatherlands House System

Every pupil, across all year groups, is a member of a 'house' giving them an opportunity to contribute to something bigger.


Heatherlands Primary School operates a house system which works in conjunction with the school’s Behaviour Policy to further develop the promotion of positive behaviour within the school.  Houses are essential, as they create community spirit and give the children an opportunity to contribute to something bigger that involves children from all year groups.  The system encourages pupils to become responsible citizens, successful learners, effective contributors to society and confident individuals.  It also enhances their development of respect for each other and for their community.


Every pupil is allocated one of three houses based on the British saints, each associated with a colour:


  • Red = David

  • White = George

  • Blue = Andrew


Any new pupils that arrive during the academic year will be allocated a house.  At the beginning of each term two House Captains will be selected to represent each house. The House Captains are changed on a termly basis.  Each House Captain can be identified by the wearing of a badge.


The Reward System


Pupils take part in house events including inter-house competitions where they gain house points for their chosen house.  The house points are regularly counted and displayed for all children to track the progress and position of the houses they represent.


At the end of the year the House Cup is presented to the winning house in a special assembly.


House Captains


These pupils will have specific duties to carry out:


  • Taking part in assemblies.

  • Promoting their house across the school to help motivate pupils to do their best.

  • Where necessary calling and holding house meetings in order to motivate their members.

  • Meeting with a member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team (termly).

  • Representing their house at school events.

  • Regularly updating the house board with running totals throughout the year.

  • Demonstrating a responsible attitude to school life and setting a good example for others to follow.