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Comet class


Meteor class


Galaxy class

The Heatherlands Way

PE days: Thursday (outdoor) & Friday (indoor)  - Children to come into school dressed in PE kits.

Year 5 have enjoyed their first workshop delivered from Sustrans all about pollution in the air and the issues associated with cars idling instead of turning their engines off. Did you know that the fumes produced from an idling car in 1 minute would fill 150 balloons?




Year 5 kicked off their new topic today by turning off all the electricity in the classroom. Although it seemed like a shock at first, we were all buzzing about how easy it was to adapt to life without tech!

'Be the future' knowledge organiser

'Something wicked this way comes' - Shakespeare Festival March 2024. As part of the year 5 'Macbeth' performance at The Lighthouse last week, we have been provided an 'appraisal' of the children and the performance by the Coram Shakespeare Schools Festival team - essentially a review!! It is a great read, and testament to all the hard work the children put in to it! Well done to the whole cast and crew of 'Macbeth'! 5 stars *****

Shakespeare review March 2024

Year 5 children took part in an online session where we got to ask questions to a pilot and some aviation engineers.


We learnt all about careers in the sky and what a typical day in those jobs involves.


Did you know that in one airport, Ferrari cars are used to guide the pilot and their plane along the runway when they land?!


This week our year 5 and 6 children attended a workshop provided by Escapeline. Escapeline is a charity committed to the prevention of the criminal and sexual exploitation of young people by gangs across South West England. For years, thousands of children have been exploited through the practice of County Lines, in which highly organised urban gangs take over provincial drugs markets. County Line gangs are increasing their operations to recruit local children who are as young as 6 years old from small towns like Poole and Bournemouth rather than the big cities. Sadly, South West England has been particularly targeted. At Heatherlands Primary we feel it's extremely important for the children to receive the education around County Lines in order to understand how they can keep themselves safe in the local community. This education for our children was provided by Escapeline in an age-appropriate way, specifically aimed at primary school children. We have attached a guide for parents and carers which provides compassionate, well-informed and non-judgmental advice and support. If you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Year 5 Curriculum Overviews

Home learning project ideas Spring 2024

'Exploring Africa' knowledge organiser

'Terrible Tudors' quiz

'Terrible Tudors' knowledge organiser

Books for topics - Year 5 recommended reads

Year 5 enjoyed a day at Winchester Science Centre today. We got to explore all the amazing exhibits, have a workshop about light in space and, the best part of all, we visited the planetarium where we travelled around the Milky Way and beyond! We even did some investigations about materials used in space and created a laser maze just like they use on the James Webb space telescope.

Letter from Mr Arrowsmith 4.12.23


Dear Parents / Carers,

We are very excited to offer your child the opportunity to work with the Coram Shakespeare School’s Foundation – a cultural education charity that works to give young people a wide range of opportunities they might otherwise not have access to.

At the heart of the offer is access to the world’s largest Shakespeare festival, which will culminate for us in a performance on stage at The Lighthouse in Poole, in front of a paying audience, designed to improve the children’s confidence and self-esteem!

This year, our chosen play is ‘Macbeth’, and a group of children from Heatherlands will put on an abridged version, directed by me, (Mr Arrowsmith).

To select the cast for the show, we will be holding auditions when we return to school after the Christmas break, on Friday 5th January. If your child is interested, I will provide them with a short piece to read and try to learn over the Christmas holidays in preparation for an audition.

It is important to stress the commitment that this will entail, so please discuss it carefully with your child; rehearsals will be every Friday after school from 3.20 – 4.20 and they may have to give up some lunchtimes for rehearsals, as well as Golden Time sessions if needed. They also need to be available for the performance date, which is the evening of Tuesday 19th March, 2024.

At this stage, please discuss the opportunity with your children, and I will bring the necessary material around to them before we break for Christmas.

This is an incredible opportunity for the children to act on a professional stage in front of a live audience!

Yours faithfully,
Mr Arrowsmith

'All over the world' homework project ideas 22.11.23. Due in Monday 4th December 2023

'All over the world' knowledge organiser Autumn 2

Year 5 and 6 had two visitors into school on Friday 13th October, Adam from Benefax and Luke from Enhanced. They were here to talk about Coding and their careers for part of Dorest Coding Day. It was so interesting to learn all about the codes for things like Minecraft, Tesla's and apps. We got to ask the experts lots of questions. One of them even used to come to this school and now he does coding for his job!

Year 5 had a guest speaker from the Humanist Society to talk all about a Humanist's way of life. We learnt lots about role models and The Golden Rule - treat others how you would like to be treated. It was very interesting to hear about Cathy's story. Did you know that there are over 150 Humanists in Poole?

Year 5 spellings

Year 5 had a fantastic time in our sailing workshop run by Miss Brown. We learned all about navigation, compass points, safety equipment, parts of a boat and racing. We are currently following a race across the world which is very exciting. Our teachers had a competition to put on all the safety gear which was very funny!

Yr 5 & 6 Parent Information Meeting Slides - Sept 2023

50 Recommended Reads for Year 5