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Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any of our pupils please contact the school

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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Picture 1 Mr N Fulker - Year Leader
Picture 2 Mrs R Young
Picture 3 Miss T Owen

The Heatherlands Way

Year 5&6 had a visit from author Chris Connaughton this week. He read them a chapter of his new book, The Essence Hunters. The children were able to buy a copy & get it signed. Chris will be in school again on Fri 31st Jan from 2.45pm if anyone else would like to purchase a copy.
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Africa Day

Africa Day 1
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Molly, Romanie, Sophia, Paige, Martha & Emily (including Mrs young) travelled to Christchurch for a day out, being active and taking part. As soon as we stepped through the door, we had got given a free t-shirt & Hoodie!! With the excitement, we all rushed to our bench.
First we met this woman (forgot her name oops!) And she introduced us to this event. BUT! Even better, we had met a very famous boat rower called Annie Vernon who had won six gold medals! For once, the teacher had disappeared into another room CELEBRATION! We had a lovely day doing splat, proving boys wrong, would you rather and then the teachers came back for lunch but only for half an hour and we told her everything we did (whilst we were all laughing) and then they went again sad times we say. After they left we all sat down and were talking about an act to prove boys wrong that we can do sport.
It was 10-15 minutes before the teachers all came back. We had to present Heatherlands as the six of us to do a dance in front of the other 40 kids and the teacher loved it! It all came to an end sadly…
However, we loved it! Mrs Young took photos of us which could be on this page not a big deal though.'

It was 15:52 when we got back we were all exhausted. It was all a good day.

We made a group after that day called “the believers” and from that day we have tried getting girls more active.

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During Arts week Yr5 looked at a famous artist called Michelle Reader. She likes to build sculptures, including animals.

Using her work as inspiration, we created our own 3D animals from recycled materials. 


''I liked art week because we got to have fun and make things we never had before with rubbish.''



''I turned an old milk bottle inside out to make a bird. Then I covered it with feathers using old paper.''


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Project Planet - Autumn 1

Project Planet - Autumn 1 1

Year 5 Curriculum Meeting 2019

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