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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Picture 1 Miss J Phillips - Year Leader
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The Heatherlands Way

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In year 3 we created tactile self portraits in a pop art style. The children studied self portraits and created their own, before cutting them up and placing their features on four different coloured backgrounds. They then used a range of different media and techniques to create the other features on their face and produce a wonderful final piece.
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Year 3 enjoyed a range of forest school activities today despite the unpredictable weather! They did litter picks, composted biodegradable rubbish, dug weeds out of the school garden, created leaf art, found different types of leaves, investigated how old the trees in the school are, created clay characters, built dens, practised their map skills, used hand drills to make wooden necklaces and weaving. What a busy but brilliant day!
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Year 3 poetry corner

Miss Finch challenged the children in her class to write a poem about their weekends. Here are some of the results! Some lovely poetic techniques emerging…


My cat

My black, fat cat

Meows, meows, meows

And meows first

For a snack.

My black, fat cat

Loves, loves, loves

And loves to lie on the mat.

My black fat cat

Might bite, bite, bite

And bite you at night.

Only if you don’t give him a little snack.

By Smilte, Willow class


Mamma does the pancakes best

Berries and the whipping cream,

Daddy needs to have some rest,

Why does little Olivia scream?

Zoe wants to have a bite –

Should I give her, is it right?

By Zara, Willow class


Happy Family

I am happy, bouncy and dancy,

What a lovely thing to be!

My sister is mischievous and giggly,

What a delightful thing to be!

My mum is kind and loveable,

What an awesome thing to be!

My dad is funny and we have fun times together,

What an adventurous feeling to have!

My family is funny,

My family is cool,

What an amazing thing to be part of.

By Chloe, Willow class


The car

The car which went fast.

The car which went slow.

Which one do I like the best?

The car that went fast like lightning,

The car which went slow like a snail

But which one do I like more?

The car that went fast like the wind

The car which went slow like the clouds

I know, I like BOTH!

By Marianna, Willow class

Ready, steady, grow - Autumn 1

Ready, steady, grow - Autumn 1 1

Year 3 Curriculum Meeting 2019

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