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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day – 8th February 2022

This year’s theme was ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’. All children took part in some age appropriate activities and discussion around this theme, promoting the positive impact of the internet and how we can use it for entertainment, as well as discussing the possible dangers when creating friendships online.

EYFS discussed how they stay say online and who helps them. They then drew a picture of themselves and their trusted adults that support them with online safety.


Year 1 discussed what is personal information and why we should keep it safe. They then sorted some pieces of information into whether it should be kept offline, or could be shared online.


Year 3 discussed how we help others when they run into online safety problems. We discussed different scenarios and sorted them with solutions such as ‘tell an adult’, ‘try and sort it in person’ and ‘block and report’.


Year 4 recapped online safety rules from their previous topic. They talked about cyberbullying and how to deal with it in a similar way to bullying. They then discussed how to enjoy the internet safely playing suitable games and what to do if something comes up that they are not happy about.

Yea r 5 used the official video from the ‘Safer Internet Day’ team to discuss important issues on online gaming and social media. They used the talking points raised by other children in other schools to discuss


Year 6 played the ‘Game On’ game as part of our Safer Internet Day assembly. We were able to discuss why and why not messages should be sent and even adapt them to make them more respectful. We then designed our own mascots for Safer Internet Day, thinking about this year’s slogan ‘All Fun and Games’.


Here is a link to the Safer Internet Day for some ideas on how to support your children at home. Please also remember we have access to National Safety Online that have parent specific videos and guides to embed online safety skills at home.


Safer Internet Day 8th Feb 2022

Safer Internet Day 2021

This year's Safer Internet Day theme 'This Is Me!' In Year 2 we talked about what makes us different and unique. We drew pictures of all the things that make us 'us' and we then discussed how and what we would share online. The children then colour coded their pictures. The green spots show what they would share online - likes and dislikes etc. The red spots are what they wouldn't share online - address, family, personal details.