Heatherlands Primary School

Enjoying Learning Together

Junior Dukes

How to join in?



There are 40 age-appropriate challenges in total, 10 for each year group, from Year 3 to Year 6.  These involve a whole array of life skills.


These challenges are split into progressive booklets (one for each school year) and, as we all know that the curriculum is fit to burst, it is intended that children complete the tasks at home with the help of parents and family.


Once a challenge has been completed, a designated teacher will assess them. The challenges range from First Aid, eco, exercise, domestic challenges, budgeting for packed lunches, fixing a puncture, building a fire, baking, cooking, washing sheets, making PowerPoints and public speaking, knitting, litter-picking….all manner of things!


To take part, we will hold an assembly in September. Then we will give out forms to interested children. It costs £10 per child for their booklet, certificate and badge for the year. 


A staff member will be assigned to each year group and additional staff will be involved in assessing the challenges.


You have until July to complete 7/10 and hand in your completed/assessed booklet. You will then be awarded your Junior Dukes shield and certificate in the final celebration assemblies.



Life can be hectic and we are often too busy to allow our children to learn to do things for themselves as it's much quicker, as an adult, to do things ourselves. Many six year olds ARE capable of making toast for their breakfast, they CAN tie their shoelaces and they CAN make it up a hill. Many parents have begun expecting more from their children as they now know their youngsters are so capable!


Children love to do things without help. They simply need the time and space to explore, learn from their mistakes and to learn to be safe. Having spoken to hundreds of children over the years, we've compiled a list of some of their thoughts about a few of the challenges featured in the Mini and Junior Duke Awards:


  •  Kids love the feeling of achievement when they have been out in the hills for an adventure.
  •  They feel a sense of being 'grown up' when they have successfully built a safe fire and toasted a marshmallow.
  •  They like to show they can recite a long mobile phone number.
  •  They are likely to be more careful with their buttons if they have learned how tricky it is to sew them back on!
  •  They LIKE rules, and games like Chess are a great way to instil calm and discipline as well as learning good sportsmanship.
  •  Everyone gets nervous making presentations but if you do it regularly from a very early age, it becomes easier each time.