Heatherlands Primary School

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Spelling Schemes

Bug Club Grammar and Spelling


Years 1 and 2 use Bug Club Grammar and Spelling, which is an online resource with teaching guidance mapped to the national curriculum. This programme complements our Bug Club reading program which develops confident and motivated readers and is aligned to our phonics sequence of learning.


It includes

  • Key definitions of each concept/rule
  • Prior knowledge needed
  • Suggested group, paired and independent activities
  • Guidance for running grammar and spelling sessions
  • Tips for taking grammar into other areas of learning


No Nonsense Spelling


At Heatherlands Primary School we use the No Nonsense Spelling Programme which builds on high-quality phonics teaching by supporting children in understanding morphology, spelling strategies, the orthographic nature of words, patterns, word origins, common exception words and personal spellings.


No Nonsense Spelling teaches spelling in a 'Little-but-often' structure which allows children to revisit and review, learn new strategies and apply. A variety of strategies are suggested so that children with different learning styles can find out what works well for them.


The programme

• delivers a manageable tool for meeting the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum • has a clear progression through blocks of teaching units across the year

• comprehensively explains how to teach spelling effectively.