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Loss and Bereavement

Badger's Parting Gift - Story for Children


When Badger dies, his friends are very sad, but one by one, they recall the special things he gave them during his lifetime. By sharing these fond memories, they realise that although he is no longer with them physically, he will always be in their hearts. A book that deals gently and clearly with issues of loss and death for young children.

Child Bereavement UK


Child Bereavement UK helps children, parents and families to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies. We support children and young people up to the age of 25 who are facing bereavement, and anyone impacted by the death of a child of any age



Mosaic are a Dorset based charity supporting bereaved children and young people, their families and the professionals working with them. Mosaic support children and young people who have been bereaved of someone special, such as a parent, sibling, friend or a member of their extended family. This includes all causes of death such as long-term illness, sudden death, suicide, murder or road traffic accident. 

Winston's Wish


A charity that supports children and young people following the death of a parent or sibling.