Heatherlands Primary School

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Spelling rationale


At Heatherlands Primary School, we firmly believe that good spelling is an essential skill which allows the children to communicate their understanding in all curriculum subjects.


At Heatherlands, effective classroom provision is based on secure understanding of how children learn to spell and which learning activities support this.


In order for pupils to develop into effective and confident writers they need to develop and use a range of effective spelling strategies. By providing the children with a range of strategies we equip them with the independence to attempt spellings before asking for adult help.


The systematic teaching of phonics and spelling is vital. At Heatherlands, we recognise the importance of this and ensure that there is consistency throughout a child’s time at this school.


We particularly want the children to develop a love of language and the confidence to spell more challenging and ambitious words. In allowing them opportunities to develop a rich and exciting vocabulary, we are enabling them to become effective communicators.


Spelling action plan 2023 - 2024