Heatherlands Primary School

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Cultural Capital & Personal Development

As a school we decided upon the 5 values which we believe our children can draw upon to give them an advantage in social life. 

The forms of high culture are located in visual art, classical music, theatre, poetry and classical literature, and refinement in these areas. We aim to ensure our children experience a range of high culture activities alongside the delivery of the national curriculum and the values and drivers that underpin our curriculum. 


In art - we study a range of artists, including Andy Warhol, Banksy, Mondrian, William Morris, Charles Mackintosh and John House. Studying these artists aids the development of our cultural capital, enabling the children to learn new skills and apply these in the art form while also learning more about this cultural form.


In music - we develop cultural capital through opportunities to listen, appreciate and discuss classical, modern and  popular music. As a school, we have a set programme of music extracts for assemblies, where we also share the biographies and discuss the composers before the assembly begins. These pieces are then also used throughout the week, in class as a stimulus and support for writing.

Personal development overview 2020 - 2021

Personal development overview 2019 - 2020

Careers Week April 2021

Last week was careers week at Heatherlands and we welcomed 12 visiting speakers online to discuss their careers and to answer the children's questions. We heard from a biopharmacist, a community engagement officer at Upton Country Park, an equestrian, a transportation manager and a farmer to name but a few. Huge thanks to all of them. They were so accommodating and really interesting to listen to.

This week we are interviewing Year 5 and 6 children for work experience (actual positions in school). So far we have appointed 3 sports coaches, 2 Deputy Headteachers and 2 Headteachers. Congratulations to them all and well done to all the children who handed in applications.


Well done to Zara who was appointed last week at interview. She has been working as Deputy Headteacher with Mrs Lloyd-Christie today and has attended meetings, produced some very important paperwork, topped up the staff 'treats' and taught in Year 4. Well done Zara. We hope you enjoyed your day today.

Well done to Danny and Phoebe in Year 5 who were appointed yesterday at interview as Assistant Headteachers. They are both working with Ms Evans today and have already collected some clipboards, ID badges and begun preparing their schedule. Well done to both of them. We hope you enjoy your day today.

Congratulations to Kaden who is working as 'Data manager' in the office today with Mrs Delve. He will be collating the registers, entering data and producing some reports for Miss Collis. Well done Kaden on your successful interview. We hope you have a great day.

Well done to Amelia in Year 6. She was successful at interview last week and will be working with Year 2 this afternoon as a sports coach alongside CASA. She did very well in her interview and was really enthusiastic about the role. We hope you have a great afternoon Amelia.

Congratulations to Skyla in Year 6. She was appointed as Deputy Headteacher last week and is working with Mrs Lloyd-Christie today. She has already taught Year 4 this morning and is looking forward to a busy day at Heatherlands. Well done Skyla.

Well done to Brooke. Yesterday she was successful at interview for the role of 'Reprographics Officer'. This afternoon, she will be working with Mrs Lewis and already has a very long list of jobs to do! Enjoy your afternoon Brooke.

Yesterday Luke spent the morning with Mr Coleman as Site Manager. He learned a lot about the grounds and was able to help with the pruning and planting as well as learning all about the fire extinguishers on a health and safety walk around. Hope you enjoyed your work experience Luke.

Today we welcome 2 new sports coaches to Heatherlands. Kruz and Mia in Year 5 impressed at interview and will be working with CASA this afternoon in Year 3 PE. There were over 53 applications for this post, so it was a sought after role! Have a great afternoon.

Well done to Cooper in Year 6. This afternoon, he will be working with Mrs Lewis as reprographics officer and will carry on with the work Brooke in Year 5 started yesterday. Enjoy your afternoon Cooper.

Today we welcome Tamsin from Year 6 as a 'Data manager'. She will be shadowing Mrs Delve today and will be working hard to ensure the school data is up to date and that the information is shared with the senior leadership team. Enjoy your work experience Tamsin.

The 2 new Headteachers have been busy today. They have spent the morning visiting classrooms and are hearing Year 1 readers this afternoon. They are also very interested in the way school improvement works and what the quality of education looks like here. They have already been giving feedback to teachers and will be sharing their findings with the curriculum leader later today.

Lovely to see Fred this morning working as Assistant Headteacher with Ms Evans. He has been busy teaching children in Year 4 and has a long list ready, including uniform checks in Year 3. Have a great day Fred.