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Heatherlands 100 Golden Reads – EYFS and KS1 Instructions
Welcome to the ultimate reading challenge…Heatherlands Hundred Golden Reads!
This challenge will help you become a confident reader by rewarding you for all the reading you do at home, and by motivating you to read widely and often! You will receive little rewards along the way, and when you complete your one hundred reads, you will be able to choose a book from Mr Churchill’s special bookcase!
When you read a book at home, colour in the corresponding square on the grid, and ask your adult to sign and date it. Your teacher will be able to see your progress and will make sure you get your rewards!
If you are a reading a decodable book from your school bag, you must read this TO an adult, to help you become very good at reading aloud. For the other reads, an adult can read the books to you, or you can read to your adult. You might even like to read at the same time, or take it in turns!
You can complete the reads in any order you like, but try to keep up with your ‘book bag reads’ as often as you can. There’s no time limit – you can go at your own pace and will still be rewarded.
You can get mystery prizes for completing review activities – ask your teacher for these… your reviews will also be displayed around the school!