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Homework guidance - developing metacognition

Homework guide 2023 2024

Good Thinking! - That's so Meta(cognitive)!

That's so Meta(cognitive)! - investigates how explicitly teaching students metacognitive strategies helps them become more effective learners, able to integr...

Metacognition and metacognitive strategies - InnerDrive Online Academy

Learn everything you need to know about metacognition, metacognitive strategies and how and why to apply them.

What is metacognition?

Year 1 have demonstrated their knowledge of animals within Science using their chosen metacognition strategy.

Year 2 share their plans using metacognition

We spent a lot of time in the last term working with parents to produce a homework strategy that would benefit the children and add meaning to their learning. This is a work in progress but we are very happy with the results and can't wait to see the children engaging with their homework and enjoying learning how to support themselves in the learning process using metacognition skills.

Amelia in year 4 started with an A4 mindmap and then consolidated her learning, adding to a much larger, very informative mind map.

Examples of Early Years mind maps

Various examples of mind maps from across the school